Have you heard about Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings? Things you must know

Are you ready to propose to your partner? Are you in the process of finding the perfect engagement ring? We have to admit that the choice can be incredibly overwhelming and difficult due to the incredible amount of companies out there that all offer pretty much the same thing. However, if you are looking for something different, a company that has some kind of mission and a goal that they want to achieve, then taking a good look at Brilliant Earth is definitely something that you should do. They are a different kind of company that cares about people and the environment which is very rare when it comes to jewelry companies. In this article we are going to take a look at this USA based brand and hopefully by the end of it you will see why Brilliant Earth engagement rings are the way to go.

They have respect and try to give back

One of the things that made us fall in love with this company is reading about their mission and what they are doing to make it happen. They are a company that treats both customers and the people that work for them, all the way down to the people that mine their diamonds, with the utmost respect which is exactly what every human being should get, although when it comes to the jewelry business that isn’t always the case. They also work with different organizations and donate five percent of their profits in order to help the communities that are the most affected by the jewelry business and to those who have suffered from it the most.

They make sure you know what you are getting

If you are even considering taking a look at Brilliant Earth Jewelry rings, then the one thing that should really encourage you to do so is the fact that they are a company that is actually trying to do everything that they can in order to keep you, the customer, as informed as possible. They make sure that you get a certificate for every single piece that you purchase from them and on those certificates you can see the exact origin and path of the specific diamond that is on there. This is something that we really appreciate when we put ourselves in the shoes of a customer because we can see that the company is doing whatever they can to help us and they are giving us all of the necessary information as a part of their regular procedure which we think is amazing.

They take care of all of their customers

Even though this is a company that works mainly online which is great for a lot of people that prefer to shop online, they also realize that a lot of people simply prefer to do it the old fashioned way, particularly when we are talking about something as important as an engagement ring. Because of that they have made sure that they have brick and mortar stores that you can visit and they have them in several locations around the USA. You can make an appointment and visit a showroom in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Diego and Chicago and you will be able to get a personal shopping experience like no other.

Now that you have learned more about this company, their mission and what they are all about, we hope that we achieved our goal of showing you that Brilliant Earth engagement rings are the way to go. Make sure to look up their website and check them out online and if you are anywhere in the USA, make sure you go and visit one of their showrooms because you definitely won’t regret it

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